Piwik PRO "Moving towards GDPR" conference
Piwik PRO "Moving towards GDPR" conference

Piwik PRO "Moving towards GDPR" conference

With less than 100 days before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, there are still a lot questions about what changes to expect and how to prepare for it. Piwik PRO and a crack team of independent data protection and privacy experts are ready to answer them on 15 March 2018.

The Piwik PRO “Moving towards GDPR” conference will take place at the Engels Conference Centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, featuring speakers from all over Europe. They will share their knowledge on topics like data privacy, data compliance, digital analytics, and privacy-friendly user experience. The goal of the conference is to promote awareness on getting ready for GDPR and compliance with the new rules.

Tickets are free, but registration through the conference website is required as the number of seats is limited.

During the “Moving towards GDPR” conference you’ll have the opportunity to meet a number of data-focused entrepreneurs, governmental and non-governmental representatives, data-protection specialists and inspiring speakers like:
  • Aurelie Pols from OSX3 ANALYTICS S.L. & European Data Protection Supervisor
  • Christopher Wendels from KLARNA
  • Marnix Bras from BACKELITE.COM
  • Hans van der Meer from Microsoft
  • Maciej Zawadziński from Piwik PRO 
  • Grzegorz Jendroszczyk from Piwik PRO
  • Vincent de Winter from Piwik PRO
The conference will be a great opportunity to extend your knowledge about GDPR, discuss concerns about the new law, and share experience with other professionals and experts.

Registration for the Piwik PRO “Moving towards GDPR” Conference will be available until 10 March 2018. Additional information about GDPR and the most important changes that will take place on 25 May 2018 can be found at the Piwik PRO GDPR website.

About Piwik PRO:
Piwik PRO was established in 2013 by AdTech and MarTech experts. The company delivers an enterprise-level marketing suite built to meet the needs of businesses, governments, and data-sensitive organizations requiring full privacy compliance and 100% data ownership.

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